Marshall M-LYNX-702W Network Tally

The Marshall M-LYNX-702W is a 3U dual 7″ rackmount monitor with a convenient network connection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Marshall chose to document said connection, and instead provides a Windows-only configuration tool.

Many of the functions (likely all, I just haven’t tested extensively) are performed with a single UDP packet and a brief confirmation back from the device confirming the action. For my particular application, I needed to be able to control the tally light function using the network instead of the provided (and documented contact closure provided on the back of the unit.


The short of things, check a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Mini for its record status, if it’s recording then we should set the tally light to red if it’s playing back set it to green… or clear the status of the tally altogether if neither is true.

Hex strings to send in a UDP packet to port 7000 on whatever IP the device is set to, in the case of the examples below:

Turn off Display 1 Tally: 230143460930e50d0a
Set Display 1 Tally Red: 230143460931e60d0a
Set Display 1 Tally Green: 230143460932e70d0a
Set Display 1 Tally Yellow: 230143460933e80d0a

The same commands are true of Display 2 (right), the fourth 2301 which prepends the string is simply changed to 2302

Below is an example function in PHP to make things quick and simple — just include the two functions at the top of the document, and call the marshall_setTally providing the IP address, desired monitor and tally state you’d like to set.

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